What is keylogger

Keylogger is a typical surveillance software that is capable of recording and saving a log file every keystroke on the system. A keylogger can record email, instant message and capture any information that you type using your keyboard. This can include usernames, passwords, and any personally identifiable information and after that the log file will be sent to the receiver.

This program is mostly used by employers to monitor the activities of their employees. Parents have also shown interest in it to keep track of their kids whereabouts. Unfortunately, some spyware also uses it to extract personal information.

How it works

When a keylogger is installed on a device, it starts running on the background which enables it to capture every keystroke on the other device. When you type your username and password, these logs are captured. This information is unknowingly sent to a specific email address or a server. This discrete monitoring system has been used positively or negatively. Most parents have been able to monitor their kid's dubious ways. Unfortunately, it has led to an increased cyber crime which has led to hacking and cyberbullying. When personal information finds its way to the wrong hands, it can be disastrous.

It simply works as it follows:

  1. After purchasing keylogger, you will use an easy setup program to create an installation module for target android device, MAC or Pc
  2. Once you are set with installation, this program will run on stealth mode for effective monitoring. The captured keystrokes are periodically uploaded to the specified server which allows the user to access the information without the consent of the target.

After purchase, you can also set up an online account which will enable you to see logs or any other confidential data.

Do I need to be a competent computer user when using a keylogger?

Keylogger is easy to install so long as you have comprehensive basic skills on the use of a computer. It is as simple as installing any other program. Once installed you don’t need any special skills to use it. It has a simplified user interface which anyone can familiarize and learn to use it.

Can its presence be known on the target device?

The good thing with keylogger is that you will always remain anonymous. It is unique from other programs because it doesn’t show up in program files, window startup menu and any additional accessible data in the computer. This is to say that, you don’t have to worry about getting recognized because it is designed to run on stealth mode.

The target will have no way of identifying its presence. It will be running at the background collecting information that you had customized. Therefore, you don’t need to worry because once you have installed it you have that confidentiality of not being recognized.

Is it possible to be traced when using keylogger

You can't be traced back once you have installed the keylogger. I said earlier that keylogger has a unique feature whereby once you have installed, it can’t be recognized because it doesn’t appear anywhere on the startup menu. Therefore, the other user will not get to know what is going on; thus it is Impossible to trace you.

Is it possible to use Realtime spy remotely on the target device

Real-time spy has remote access feature which allows remote installation of the program. Well, how is remote installation done? After purchasing keylogger, you can install it using a simple set up, and the monitoring starts by sending the captured keystrokes to real-time spy serves and you can access this information through an online account.

Therefore, place the module Rar or Zip file and then attach and send it. The good thing with a real-time spy is that your information is safe because its customer database remains confidential. No information is collected from your system.

Refog keylogger features

Keylogger Software

The following are the features of Refog keylogger

  1. Keystrokes recording-once it is installed REFOG registers all keys in the keyboard which will capture any information that is being entered.
  2. Remote monitoring-You don’t have to monitor your target manually.
  3. Web history-History of all accessed site in the net will be captured even if the user deletes the pages.
  4. Screenshot recording-refog is capable of taking the screenshot of the desktop screen as visual evidence.
  5. Invisible mode and password protection-Even a skilled computer user can’t trace it.
  6. IM monitoring-it is compatible with instant messaging software to keep track of both incoming and outgoing messages.
  7. Email reports

How safe it is to use keylogger

Using Refog keylogger is safe because it keeps every information private and confidential. Additionally, you will not be contacted unless you request their help which makes it safe and convenient to use.

Pricing policy

They provide a range of secure payment options and once you purchase any of their products you will receive:

  1. One year of free updates
  2. Comprehensive support
  3. The full version of the software

REFOG keylogger and REFOG personal monitor are licensed depending on the number of computers on which they operate simultaneously. Keylogger provides one license at $19 and three licenses at $ 33. On the other hand personal monitor provides one license at $49 and three at $63.Additionally, the update of these programs has a free one year support but after this period elapses, you will be required to buy a new key. However, you will be given a 50% discount when you upgrade.

Conclusion and results

It is now clear that keylogger is a functional and trusted program that you can use to monitor the activities of your target device. Safety is guaranteed, and it is more convenient because it has remote installation features and it is capable of operating on stealth mode, and nobody will ever realize you are tracking all their activities.


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